Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here and There and back again

Well, I guess I am back.

I have had this open for awhile, but have not posted. I guess the uncertainty of what job I would undertake for the year was keeping me from disclosing anything new. I also was nervous to include things about my life, because of recent events.

I am extremely open with people, yet extremely private as well. I have no trouble telling anyone about anything and any time. I have nothing to hide. Then, I had some people who were mean to me, or even inappropriate, you might say. They treated me in such a way that I did not feel comfortable having my life on display. My life was open to them, yet they contributed nothing back except grief. This makes me not want to share. My life is not here for others to view without interaction. I love relationships with people. My father thinks he is having a conversation with someone when he is doing all the talking and telling stories about things of interest to him. I do not share his thoughts on conversation, in fact it drives me crazy. Although I do tell stories and talk a lot, hahaha, I do expect participation. So my time away has had moments where I ponder why I blog. Is it for me, for others, for working out life's concerns, for telling a story of daily life? I don't really know.

I tend to keep away from most scintillating details of my life. My subhub seems to embrace them and post them exclusively (just my opinion honey). This is a huge differences in our thoughts and communication. I know my subhub works through a lot of what he is going through by putting it down on screen. Men do not have the luxury of discussing details in microscopic detail with their pals like women do. I also know that my subhub loves our life and wants to share that. I tend to want to keep things under wraps because I am subjected to the wankers and he is not.

The bottom line for me was very simple; I stopped receiving benefit from posting and only experienced heartache. I usually don't continue on a path where pain outweighs pleasure. I will begin again and see which way it will go this time. I will post for me and when I want, or I will find another avenue. Oh, and if you are brave, stand up and be recognized. I really like feedback and interaction. It may encourage me to post again and feel a part of something worth doing.

I have been busy and have much to tell....don't you want to know?



  1. How much and to whom we express our feelings is totally personal. How they respond is also personal to them. I am sorry if some have been inappropriate. That is the risk.

    When we post publicly, the risk increases. If we allow complete strangers, who have no relationship with us, to understand us and do not require the same, then these things will happen. Some blogs lock out strangers. Others are open to all. That choice is yours. That decision should determine what you are willing to put out there.

    My public blog is public. I risk any comment. Yet, I discuss very few personal things because it is public. Just some thoughts.

  2. Please, do post! I love everything Female led and I would be more than happy if you started posting again. Your love life with “myguy” seems most exciting, but of course I understand that it’s entirely up to you what you tell your audience.

  3. I do understand what you mean. Comments and interaction can be one of hte main motivoators for a blog. It makes it clear that you are writing for other people besides you and your spouse. It provides encouragement.

    Enough about that though. I, for one, would love to read more about what you would like to tell us.

  4. Its really too bad that you and others like you have to put up with the "scum", but hoping that you can get past all of that and PLEASE continue to post. My wife is absolutely not into many of this so I don't give my e-mail address. (She does check my e-mail occasionally) I would like to say that your posts and all the others keeps me going from day to day. So, I hope and pray that you won't stop and just maybe the "undesirables" will eventually stop.



  5. I think those of us in the female led lifestyle need to post more about our lives. It is becoming more and more mainstream all the time. you can read my blog anytime you want.

  6. I love your story

  7. i always appreciate a blog written by a Woman in a FLR. Sharing Your thoughts gives a much better insight (in my opinion) than those written from a sub's perspective. My Wife also blogs, and sometimes instructs me to insert my thoughts as well. Please share whatever You are comfortable with. Thank You.

  8. I slowly began to realize I was a "lurker" and I really had an important role to play in the blogging process by posting comments on the sites I enjoy. It's a learning process to understand the mutual benefits of creating interaction with the blogger. Your example of your dad's approach to conversation made your point well. Happy New Year!

  9. Dear queen2joey,

    I know you stopped your blog years ago; but, appreciate it when I see people coming from your site to mine. I enjoyed our lunch in the town you live in prior to us going to Oregon fro a get together. I think of your husband and you and wish you all the best. I truly enjoyed meeting you both. I do hope you have kind memories of meeting me. As always,