Friday, July 24, 2009

A mental/physical health day

what to post, what to post?????

I have been online all day, doing various things: posting, watching movies, chatting, research, etc. I am weary of mind and fingers. Some might see it as a wasted day of nothingness. I know it is the eye of the storm.

I was going back and forth to "town" this week. A journey of windy roads and at least an hour and a half drive each way, even more. It is made worse by the fact the air conditioning does not work in our vehicle and the minimum temp is 98 and the max is 112 degrees. I am travel weary.

Tomorrow is one of my long work days. I am in charge and have events to coordinate as well as run the regular tasks of my work. It will be crazy. I am not usually in charge of the whole schebang, but with vacation schedules, I am indeed in charge.

So today was the rest and relaxation before and after my crazy life. I love these days as I do them, but even I think...what the heck did I do all day. I needed to slow down and enjoy nothing once in awhile. I did.
Off I go tomorrow...vroom vroom...warp speed ahead!!!!

no scintillating details, but hey, that's what you get when you don't really do much of anything.

ah, I can only imagine what my future will hold. can you?


  1. just an FYI, for me, the times when my wife is busy are times when I work on my empathy for her wants/wishes. When I connect to what I feel she would be doing and wanting most, I loose my feeling of neglect. Really, it is not about me. It is about her and if she is busy on projects or a work related endeavor, then it is her priority. I find it really works. Then when she is back and engaged in her authority over me, it is like a cold glass of water on a hot day.

  2. It sounds like you are great at serving her and meeting her needs. That is wonderful. I love it when we are filling "our roles" as well. The joy for each other is intoxicating and makes everything else, easier to handle. Ah, but if we could only remember that when get side-tracked with life.

    thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Please, do post. i know it's a pain in the butt sometimes. i would love to hear more from the Female side. Ignore the wankers, Quality begets quality; if You write it, they will come.