Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking a spin around Fantasyland

I was reading my wonderful subhub's blog and found that while I was enjoying myself, he was like Tinkerbell: flying around in Fantasyland. His comments about what he could do while I was in town with myguy, cracked me up. I could have him do this or that so he could happily pass his time was rather surprising. I wanted to relieve his pent up frustrations, not open the phone-lines to the all request pleasure hour.

I am really going to have to think about this one. Okay, done thinking. NOT!
I will choose his rewards and punishments. That is the deal. I do think he needs some release. I was amazed that he did not masturbate to culmination, but now I realize that this was, maybe, in part to him wanting to control some of his own pleasure/pain. I never said he had to cum. But, I will be much more definite in the future.

I guess I will make specifics for what he is to do.
#1 Wear the lovely pair of fairy wings that I have in my closet so he can remember when I will allow him to fly in Fantasyland.
#2 an exercise that will reinforce and remind him who is in charge (to be determined in the oh so very near future).
#3 A reward/punishment TBD by the responses made by said subhub on the intent and reasons of his "requests".

We are both laughing about this, right now. Joe is sitting here while I write this. He asks if this is the public humiliation portion of the evening, hahaha. Well honey, just making sure we understand each other and get the "most" out of this experience. You can go ahead and post any other ideas and suggestions on your blog...I'll get back to you on those! LOL

You are more than accommodating to me, which is appreciated greatly. Now I will be the best I can be, keeping you in-line the way you like. It's all given in love and I do love you the most in all the world!

Your Queen,

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  1. Thank you Ma'am. Guess I will scuttle off in shame, and try a little harder in the future to remember who is in charge here.

    Love ya,