Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Today is the third Sunday in June and thus it is the day to honor fathers. Interesting that I have always heard, this "holiday" was created in answer to Mother's Day. The men, or should I say specifically, the retailers see this as a way to help boost sales, and it does. I do not particularly like gratuitous holidays, or giving or receiving gifts for them. I don't like that Christmas displays come before Halloween now. That Valentines and Mother's day is about the flowers, chocolate, or gifts that may be sincere, but more of, "you suffer if I don't get". But, that is a different topic.

The sincerity of the holiday comes from honoring the fathers. We would like to congratulate the men who do serve their families well. The ones that have made a difference in the lives of their children and to their spouses. I am very grateful that my dad did so much for me. He was always concerned for our welfare and provided and led the best he could. He gave me the things necessary to have a good life.

The man that I feel gave me the lessons in life, was my Grandfather. I had a different connection with him. He righted "wrongs" for me, taught me how to play checkers, and disciplined me when I was not a good loser. He had a quiet way about him, that made him "heard" over everyone else. I liked his manner, his stories, his kindness, and his wrath. He taught me about "faith" without ever really quoting the bible or anything else. He taught me about what was important in life and in people. Basically, he taught me the lessons of life. I will be forever grateful for that. I would have missed out on those, if my father were the only man in my life.

I, of course, also honor Joe. Which, as you can see is really like my grandpa (what would Freud say?). He is the man who should receive every honor in the world, and never does. The understated and quiet ones, almost never do! Here is a man, who serves his family, raises the kids, provides financial support, and asks for very little in return. His major contribution to his step sons, my boys by a first marriage, is by BEING THERE. He is there whenever they need him. He does not pry, he lets them be, he shows them life's lessons, he teaches quietly about faith, he provides for them (besides the child support from biodad) and show that he thinks about them by getting things they like or cooking their favorite foods. He also treats them like they are his kids, and most people do not even realize that they are not his biological children. Amazingly so, he never replaces their biodad and knows when to step out of the picture, or let them go to the other for what is needed. I do think Joe is awesome. I let him know that often and one day doesn't really cover that.

I like that other dad's are loved and honored too, as they should be.

Ah, I have been distracted, left this topic in my mind, but the day goes on, the maddness continues...Happy Father's day

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