Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, I often notice things that other people do not, or would not bother to notice. Patterns, reoccurring themes, subtitles: they are my specialties. When I first started writing this blog, I noticed that in my first month of writing, I wrote 3 entries. My second month was 4 and my third month was 5. So here I am in June, the sixth month of the year and I had written six entries. I had to decided,would I add any posts to break the pattern, or keep it at six by waiting to write until July. Well doing that would require some habits that I may or may not be good at. It would require restraint (those who know me, know), discipline (who are we kidding-the only discipline I have is the kind I give) and a desire to keep in the pattern. Now that last one is a hard one.

If someone told me not to do something, I would ask why. I want to know the reason of things. Is is just because you said, an established rule, or are you trying to control me. I am a rule follower though. I usually like the comfort of knowing that it is a certain way, and we follow that. Rules can free us from having to guess what someone else is going to do. My ex husband grew up in India for the first 10 years of his life. He was always amazed that people here followed traffic laws. In India, he said that a four way stop would never work. People would just drive through and not follow them. Even at stoplights, everyone ignores the lights, drives into the intersection, which causes gridlock and then enthusiastically honks their horns and yells at everyone. I, on the other hand, grew up in a town where rules were taken seriously. To this day, there are many four way stops that are only being changed slowly to stoplights. Most people from my hometown follow rules religiously. My college roommate now lives in my old hometown. She was friends with some of us from there and even married one of my teenage classmates. She is always amazed that we are so similar in our outlook. She says we are all of the same mindset and the people she meets now, that have grown up there, are the same. Why and how we became that way, I am not sure, it just is. In any event, even though I love rules and follow them, I sometimes don't like the rules that are on the periphery, that one can "bend" or "break".

Take for instance this non-significant pattern. who cares that my posts have gone 3,4,5,6. Well strangely, I do. I go through an inner struggle of should I follow the pattern, or break it? I inevitably do not want to be controlled by having to follow it through, down the road, so I break it now. I also have had an abundance of "number 6" items, so I was going to change that up too.

I have been reading a book on six word memoirs. The goal is to write six words that describe you/your life. If you google it, it will give you examples. I found this, because I will be leading a group of teens in this activity and then sending the final products to another library in Ca. for the summer reading program exchange of art, poetry, etc. I was trying to think what my six words will be. What would yours be?

Mine, for now, will be:
Mom and Wife, enjoys her life!

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